Use data to guide your measurement impact.

Keep the big picture always clear. From the status of your social initiatives to the performance of your partners or the positive impact you are achieving.

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Use data to guide your measurement impact.

Empower your measurement impact with data.

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Know in real time the status of each one of your social initiatives.

Imagine all sources of information keeping the status of your projects updated and available to you in a few clicks.

This is exactly what masimpact helps organisations achieving. Our platform collects the relevant data directly from the sources and makes it available to you from anywhere and in real time.

Always updated, always available, always ready to make the right decision.

Understand your investments.

The data available in masimpact will help you to analyse at any point your social investments. In which projects are you investing, which organisations are using your donations, what are they achieving.

Thanks to our innovative collaborative approach the information from the sources is always available for you.

Forget about endless email chains to figure out your social investments, let masimpact empower you.

Collaborate for success.

Generating positive social impact is about collaborating with other organisations to accomplish the results you need.

masimpact helps you to understand better your relationship with each organisation you collaborate with. Understand which partners produce better results and which ones help you being better aligned with your strategy.

No more guessing get your answers from the data.

Observe the positive impact of your social initiatives.

Understanding the positive impact of your social initiatives helps you and your partners focusing on maximising results, and therefore to produce a greater impact.

With masimpact you know exactly the positive impact of your social initiatives. How many lives you’ve help changing, how are you helping the planet, etc.

Let us help you empowering your social initiatives with data, and much more…