masimpact is more than a platform, it’s a movement.

masimpact was born from a group of companies committed to share knowledge about social impact and corporate social responsibility.

We believe that when organisations group together they can increase their social impact beyond the sum of its parts. Hence why in masimpact we promote collaboration not just around specific initiatives but also between groups of organisations that want to do more.

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masimpact is more than a platform, it's a movement.

Let us help you with your mesurement impact.

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Together we are stronger.

masimpact helps groups of organisations understanding their combined social impact while helping them learning from each other.

Understand your combined social impact

Groups of organisations can get their combined results directly from the platform, allowing them to understand their combined social impact, from the changes in their local communities to the number of people they’ve helped or the social investment they’ve made in a particular area.

Always supported by leading international frameworks to measure social impact, SDGs, LBG and ONLBG.

Together we are stronger.

Compare with other organisations.

Benchmarking reports can be generated by groups of companies showing them how they perform compare to each other, all this supported by firsthand data and presented nicely through the platform.

Together we are stronger.

Learn from other organisations.

Participating in benchmarking reports gives you the unique opportunity to access social impact data from other organisations. Making you aware of what others are doing and giving you the opportunity to learn best practices and establish standards.

Together we are stronger.

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